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We started as acquaintances, grew into friends and morphed into brothers.  Retelling of past adventures fueled the desire to seek them out together. To travel, learn, explore and rekindle some of the glorious gentlemanly rituals of past eras of exploration. All the while learning about the men and women who charted their path through history,

We came from similar backgrounds but took different paths. Striving to be renaissance men, one, a scientist, businessman, pilot, and outdoorsman, the other a filmmaker, producer, jouster, and student of history. 


Along the way we met others of like mind, actors, managers, archers, hunters, technicians, poets and musicians. Together we found the common passion of adventure and exploration that brought us together. And all the while always asking ourselves, “what adventure is next?”.

Tom Dietz


Educated as a biochemist and molecular biologist, Tom has seen an amazing career not only as a scientist but also a financial executive. But his day to day only scratches the surface of his many other talents as a pilot, musician, scuba diver, and general outdoorsman.

Brian Brecht


In his career Brian has managed teams at some of the biggest film making companies in the industry.  But like Tom, Brian's experiences outside of the office cover a wide range. From filmmaking and photography to medieval armor, jousting, upland hunting and whisky enthusiast.

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