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The Gentleman Adventurer's Club dedicates itself to the ideals of finding adventures both large and small and to living up to the paragons of a gentlemanly life.

The content you'll find on our blog site is written solely by our members, each bringing their own voice and experiences to our pillar subjects.

The GAC wants to inspire everyone to seek out adventure in all that they do and share those experiences with those around you. 


"Adventure, Science, History & Exploration"

The Gentleman Adventurer's Club

Contributing Members

Brian Brecht


While Brian’s career in the motion picture industry has kept him busy for the last 30 years, he’s spent weekends and vacations seeking out moments of adventure however he could find them. Early adventures focused on road trips through the USA, inspired by GAC member Rick Cleveringa. Eventually trips expanded to Mexico, Western Europe, and eventually Asia, keeping photos, notes and journals along the way.


Frequent retellings to friends and family, led to the desire to more formally write these stories down, not just for himself, but in the hopes that others might one day read them and be inspired to journey out on their own. Meeting Tom Dietz was the catalyst require to make this happen. Their common bond pushed Brian to formalize the site, and it was their first combined article “Steinbeck” that gave birth to the GAC. It’s with these stories he hopes to inspire readers that adventure is waiting and all what you make of it.

Tom Dietz


Tom’s serial and overlapping careers in science, business, and flying have allowed for a life filled with adventure.  From global travel and exploration, scuba diving, mountain and backcountry flying, and multiple outdoor pursuits to adventure science, Tom brings a unique set of skills and experiences to his adventuring pursuits. He’s an avid artist, musician and writer documenting his adventures in words, photos and art.


Tom’s adventures have been handed down to his boys in stories, words, and pictures but then he met Brian Brecht.  Their worlds collided and quickly their passions for adventure, scotch and cigars were laid bare.  The seeds for The Gentleman Adventurer’s Club was there from both of their pasts and now it was given a name and a purpose.  Adventures from simply enjoying a scotch and cigar by the fireplace with a good read or conversation, to venturing into the high sierras with the plane for some fishing or hunting were now pursued for not just pleasure and adventure but with the idea of sharing them together and with others.

Rick Cleveringa


Before the Gentleman Adventurer's Club, for Brian, there was Rick. Their friendship has lasted for more than 30 years and it was Rick who taught Brian the meaning of adventure. From yearly road trips to weekend excursions to points unknown, Rick fed his friends the unknown joys and temptations of the Blue Highways.

A machinist by trade, Rick's talents stretch the gambit from artist, musician, songwriter, and craftsman. His skills have fashioned replica 16th century firearms, leather goods and clothing, but nothing compares to Rick's dedication and love of traditional English archery and longbow construction. 

It's been these skills and insights that Rick was finally convinced to write down his experiences for the GAC. His stories bring a unique voice to the GAC and insight that have left us rolling on the floor with laughter, to sitting quiet with a glass of scotch, letting his words quietly wash over us. One of the original members of the GAC we are proud to call him a member and friend.


Rico Prate

A certified, original GAC member, Rico has 30+ years of experience in the restaurant industry.  In the midst of those years, he, Brian, and Rick, traveled countless miles along some of America’s most rustic highways, as well as some of her most easily forgotten (not always on purpose). It was during those journeys, that Rick instituted our “Rules of the Road”: 1. Absolutely no eating in any chain restaurants  2. Stop ar each and every historical marker.  3. Always, ALWAYS keep a journal.  Sometime later we would add a fourth rule: Stop at any kid-run lemonade stand (and we did). While all four rules were important, it was the third rule that our group took to heart. Anyone who has had to pleasure of reading one of Rico’s journal will sense the influence of one of our favorite authors, the gonzo journalist himself, Hunter S. Thompson.  If you are not familiar with HST’s work, do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, right now.  It was Hunter’s words that Rico would read aloud (whether we wanted him to or not) to pass the miles from whichever issue of Rolling Stone had published one of HST’s musings.


Rico’s background and fearlessness (or maybe foolishness and complete lack of a sense of direction) helped us find great BBQ in Louisiana, award winning gumbo in Memphis excellent pre get-on-the-road breakfasts in numerous roadside diners, as well as leading us to his version of Mecca - Lynchburg, Tennessee.  His enthusiastic, upbeat, credible, and occasionally annoying voice has helped fuel countless adventures through the years, and we are thrilled to add it here (God help us all).

Edgar Castillo

Edgar Castillo was born in Central America in the country of Guatemala. He moved to the United States with his family as a young boy and is now a 12-year Marine Corps veteran and has been a law enforcement officer for the past 25 years.

Edgar eventually found his way into the world of upland bird hunting, where his passion has since blossomed into a significant social media presence that allows him to share his experiences and connect with other hunters. Along with his contributions here at the GAC, he’s also a contributing writer for Project Upland and various other websites and journals.

Deanna Roberts

We're thrilled  to add Deanna to our content contributors. Deanna is a Licensed Esthetician, and Cosmetologist, working both in Salons, as well as a Freelance Makeup Artist, in the greater Chicagoland area.  As such, she travels all over to work with brides, models, designers, photographers, film makers, and haunted attractions. Her makeup work has been featured in numerous publications, multiple websites, and museum gallery, and she provides both her skills, and education, to a number of venues; teaching hands on classes for historic hairstyling, beauty makeup, makeup sanitation, as well as theatrical and FX  makeup.


Deanna has performed at a variety of venues, from Renaissance Festivals, Haunted Attractions, Historic Reenactments, and independent Web Shows.  As she travels the globe, for work or pleasure, she seeks out local fare, and whatever distillery, or winery, might be close at hand to tour.


Deanna has a passion for cooking, and she loves to throw themed dinner parties with food and cocktail pairings. Whether it's BBQ and Bourbon, Tea & Cordials, Cheese & Wine, or Hors D'oeuvres & Martinis, you can be sure you will not go hungry, or thirsty.  Of late, she's been writing up plans and menus for future parties; delving further into home infusions, unique cocktails, and homemade simple syrups.

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