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The Long Lost Club

The Adventurer’s Club

By Brian K. Brecht

Continuing the hunt for all things GAC, we came across stories regarding “The Adventurer’s Club”, a themed nightclub in the Pleasure Island section of the Walt Disney World resort in Florida.

Set in the year 1937, the “Adventurer’s Club” was fashioned after a private venue for world explorers. The walls boasted trophies and photos from various explorations, and a cast of characters filtered through, interacting and entertaining club patrons.

The club and its fictitious backstory, was created by the incredibly talented team of Disney Imagineers. Opening in May of 1989 until December 31st of 2005, every night was New Years Eve, and the shows and conversations were fraught with innuendo and silliness.

Over the years the club created quite a following with former patrons and fans rallying behind petitions to keep the club open when Disney announced it’s closure during the revamping of the Pleasure Island resort.

No more would greetings of “Kungaloosh” be heard, or would club salutes be given. In the end, Disney closed the club, and it’s artifacts and relics were disbursed amongst other Disney attritions. Some of these have taken on cult like status and are sought after as if priceless artifacts themselves.

Scrolling through the old photos, it’s evident; plenty of folks like us look for the feeling of adventure and the age of exploration.

We admit to being somewhat envious of this one time creation. There are elements here we’ve often thought about for our own libraries or a GAC lodge.

I’m sure we’d look for a less comical Disney flare, but nonetheless, a fun piece of adventuring history, even if it was all in jest.

As a final note, you can’ help but love the club motto:

“Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt!”

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